I like to paint anything that catches my eye, and inspires me to record my feelings for a subject in a visual and sensitive way.

My recent work is about my interest in the simply things I’ve seen around the Welsh coast.  Pebbles and seaweed washed up by the force of the sea, old ropes, and rusty chains. The shape’s they form can change by the turn of a tide. These objects I find are just as interesting as the bigger picture of the coastal view. (I also enjoy watching my grandchildren enjoy the simple pleasures of playing in the sand.)

All in pink, 2010, Pastel

I work out the design and areas of interest with sketches. Then it’s a case of using my hands, my eyes and my heart. I usually paint in oils, acrylics or pastel, experimenting sometimes by adding sand or texture gels to oils or acrylic paint.